About us

leadHANDLER was born out of the realisation that so many sales leads are wasted needlessly simply because they are not followed up effectively. The Leadhandler team believe that: time can be saved by leveraging the power of the technology to automatically 'capture' sales lead information from online sources; a Sales Lead should not be considered 'dead' unless the prospect explicitly tells you they aren't interested; a structured, automated follow-up process can help 'warm' up leads over time - All marketing activity should be trackable and measurable.

The leadHANDLER system can help any business that relies on Sales Leads to drive income, to begin to realise those beliefs.


Nick Strong

Nick Strong provides Demonstrations and Sales Support for Leadhandler. With over 15 years experience in the franchise recruitment sector, Nick is highly experienced in the field of Sales Lead handling and the importance of right communications at the right time when dealing with leads.

Nick also provides 1st line support for customers of Leadhandler.

Joel Caws

Joel provides Technical Development and Training for Leadhandler. With over 15 years of web development experience, Joel oversees the development of the Leadhandler systems with a focus on keeping ease-of-use at the fore-front.

Joel also heads up training sessions for new customers and provides 2nd line support for existing customers.