Cookie Policy

This website makes use of various browser cookies which enhance the functionality of this website for users.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored on your PC. Cookies can be used by websites to track usage of the website and also to enable user access to areas of the site such as members only areas. Your browser settings dictate what kind of cookies you will accept. By default most browsers are set to accept cookies. There are also different types of cookies. First-party cookies are set to work only on the website that issues them. For instance, at we only issue first party cookies which are only used within the confines of this website. Third party cookies have been used in the past by advertising agents to track users behaviour across multiple sites and may reveal information to the cookie issuer about the websites you visit and how you navigate around them.


What Cookies are used on this site? make use of industry standard Analytics cookies which enable us to track usage of this website. No personally identifiable information is revealed. We use this data in order to improve the website experience for our users. All cookies are first party, and cannot be used to track any activity outside of
We also use first party cookies to register your login if you are a member. The cookie then ensures that you are identified to the server for each page you visit ensuring you see your relevant account information.


What are the effects of me blocking cookies from this site?

If you block cookies from this sites, you will be unable to access your members area.


Can I delete cookies from my PC?

Yes, this is done usually in the Privacy settings of your web browser. For instance:

1. For Firefox users, go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Options'. Click on 'Privacy' then 'clear your recent history'. You will then see multiple options that you can clear from your PC including 'Cookies'.
2. For Chrome users, click the menu icon at the top right and select 'Settings'. Click 'Show advanced settings' link at the very bottom to see 'Privacy' options. Click the 'Content settings...' button. Click 'All cookies and site data' button. Search for the cookies you want to remove for specific websites or you can clear all cookies by clicking 'Remove all' button.


For further details regarding privacy and how we use your information, please also see our Privacy Policy.